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The Big One. The death of the Actress.

We deal with some current releases and our joined by Jason and Donovan once again.

Clone Saga Chronicles is back and so is the Jackal and Brandon!

Two shall die! Plus, a plot about the World Trade Centers in "Unlimited" with some of the worst writing EVER!

See the final Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus story...sort of. Just what is Mary Jane's big secret?

The third month of the "Clone Saga" is discussed by the Spideydudes after a Thanksgiving break. Extra long blooper reel at the end to make up for the break. Enjoy!

The gang takes a break from our clone lookback to cover the "Clone Saga" nostalgia happening in the current Spider-books.

As a reward for all those who waited for the third episode here is the unedited version. You get about an extra 20 minutes of our mistakes. Enjoy.

The next part of the "Clone Saga" lookback is here. Crazy batwoman who control emotions? All you need to stop Venom is....a hoodie? Plus a look at "Clone Saga" issue 2.

The panel doubles (or clones) in size as we look at the Spider-Man books cover dated October 1994. The "Power and Responsibility" arc.

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